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Bed Bug Control In Surprise, AZ

Bed bugs are among the most bothersome pests threatening Surprise residents. When bed bugs get inside, professional help is always the way to go. Bed bugs are survivors, and between their quick reproductive rate and their ability to get into almost anywhere in a home, they can pose serious problems for homeowners looking to get rid of them on their own.

If bed bugs are keeping you up at night, call Green Home Pest Control for help. We offer a wide range of treatments including traditional liquid treatments, heat treatments, preventative treatments, canine inspections, and more! No matter the size or scope of your bed bug problem, we have the tools and know-how to create a customized solution for your property. Give us a call today for all the details!

I Have Bed Bugs In Surprise, Now What?

Bed bugs can creep into your Surprise home very easily and when that happens, the best thing you can do is seek professional help. The average female bed bug can lay one egg a day after she’s feasted, which can turn your small problem into a big one very easily. Additionally, bed bugs require less food at various times throughout the year, which means that once they’ve invaded, they’re unlikely to ever leave.

Working with a pest control company will help by first being able to locate the source of your infestation. Bed bugs live inside places like mattresses and other spots that you can’t access. Then you’ll be instructed to prepare your home and deep clean things like sheets and clothing to eliminate the superficial presence of bed bugs. The types of treatments you’ll receive may vary based on the pest control company’s findings.

At Green Home Pest Control, we provide our customers with canine inspections, which are the most reliable around. We also offer our customers heat treatments, which are effective and cause limited interruption as well as traditional liquid treatments, which treat larvae and adults. All of these services come with a 90-day warranty. For more information on bed bug elimination, contact us today.