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Bee Control In Surprise, AZ

When it comes to bees, most homeowners are in a pickle: you don’t want to be around them out of the risk of getting stung, but you’re hesitant to take steps to eliminate them due to the harm you could cause to the environment. Luckily, Green Home Pest Control is here to help. If you’re a Surprise homeowner that has gotten the unfortunate surprise of bee presence overwhelming your yard, we have the tools to eliminate it quickly, completely, and safely – without causing damage to the surrounding ecosystem. Give us a call today for more information about our Surprise pest control services!

How Do Bees In Surprise Work?

As with anywhere else, bees play a crucial role in a healthy ecosystem. Not only that, but we heavily rely on bees for pollination; without them, we wouldn’t have a vast majority of the produce we grow. If you didn’t know, pollination happens when bees feed on nectar from flowers and plants. When they land on these plants, pollen sticks into the fuzzy hairs of bees, and they carry it to the many more plants they will visit.

While some bees are solitary insects, many are social insects meaning they live in colonies and have specific roles. These roles keep the colony functioning and surviving. The roles in a bee colony are:

  • Queen(s) are reproductive females. Colonies often only have one queen, but there can be multiple in some cases.
  • Drones are male bees that don’t have stingers and whose sole purpose is to mate. Male bees are only around for a short amount of time.
  • Workers are infertile females that are responsible for building, maintaining, and protecting the colony. They do everything from caring for the queen and larvae to building the nest, foraging for food, and reacting to potential threats. The job a worker bees takes on changes as they age.

You can learn more about bees in Surprise by asking our team at Green Home Pest Control.