If you live in Tempe, AZ you’re probably no stranger to rats. These rodents often invade homes and businesses in search of food and shelter. Unfortunately, they can bring a host of problems, including diseases. Learn everything you need to know about rat control here and protect how your property.

Which Rats Bother Tempe Property Owners?

There are several types of rats in Tempe, AZ. A few of them that are known in the area are:

  • Norway rat. This is the most common home invader. With a stout body, this rat isn’t known for its mobility. It usually remains on the ground level, unlike other common rats in the area.
  • Roof rat is aptly named for its tendency to climb into homes and businesses after accessing the roof. Usually, it’s black and has a thinner body than the Norway rat.
  • Packrat is also found in Tempe. While the other rats in the area lack hair on their tails, pack rats have furry tails. They also have white feet and white underbelly.

Whatever type of rat you find on your property, you’re likely to find them hiding out from you. Rats often live in basements, attics, and garages. For centuries, rats have had a close relationship with humans. Your food becomes their food when garbage cans are left open, or pantry food is unsecured. At times, rats live in alleys near dumpsters and other places with steady food supplies.

Why Are Rats So Dangerous?

There are plenty of nuisance pests in Tempe, but only a handful of pests cause serious harm to humans. Unfortunately, rats are one of those pests. They can carry and spread diseases to humans, some of which cause severe health complications. Furthermore, rats often carry parasites like fleas and ticks. Those pests come with their problems, placing your family or guests in even greater danger.

In addition to making you ill, rats also come with the potential to cause damage. They chew through anything they can get their teeth on, sometimes damaging electrical wires and insulation. If unnoticed, the damage to your wires could result in a fire. You’re also likely to experience other property damage.

Since rats are such great chewers, they can get into seemingly impenetrable places. What seems like a small hole could be chewed on to become an entrance for rats. Keeping these pests out of your buildings is no easy task.

How To Keep Rats Out Of Your Tempe, AZ Property

If you don’t want to experience all of the troubles that come with a rat infestation in Tempe, you can take a few preventative measures.

  • Store your trash in sealed containers. Food scraps inevitably end up in your garbage, and rats won’t be able to resist the free food. Replace your cans with ones that have tight lids.
  • Maintaining a clean yard is another effective way to keep rats away. After you take up your leaves or pick up branches, dispose of the debris properly. If you have any piles of junk in your yard, they could become homes for rodents. Clean up your yard, and you may be able to deter rats.
  • Seal up your buildings. Look for holes, cracks, and gaps and seal them up with appropriate methods.

Work With A Professional

On your own, keeping rats away is a daunting task. There’s only so much you can do, and it often takes an experienced professional to prevent or eliminate rats from your property. Here at Green Home Pest Control, we offer rat prevention plans using state-of-the-art methods and techniques that keep your home or business protected from these pests. Call us today at Green Home Pest Control to learn more.


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