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Are Scorpions In Tempe As Dangerous As They Look?

The short answer to this question would be yes, scorpions are dangerous. Here in Tempe, the scorpions you’re likely to deal with are the bark scorpion, the stripe-tailed scorpion, and the giant hairy scorpion. Though these species of scorpions range in size and have their distinct physical features, they are all part of the arachnid family with eight legs, a pair of pincers, and a segmented tail with a stinger that curves over their backs. The pincers and curved tails make them look as dangerous as they are!

Don’t remove scorpions on your own

You should never handle or remove scorpions intentionally on your own. Ironically enough, most scorpion stings happen by accident when doing things like reaching inside your cabinets under the sink, stepping on one, or sitting on one. Because these pests sting unsuspecting individuals, it’s vital that you invest in scorpion control services for your Tempe property, as these are common pests in the area.

When you see a single scorpion in your home, you need to immediately call Green Home Pest Control, as we’re your safest and most effective solution. We’ll also treat your home to prevent scorpions from returning.