While silverfish might not be able to bite you or cause physical injury, seeing one in your home can certainly cause an emotional one. Finding silverfish can cause a to stress about what else could be hiding in their home. You might not think that a silverfish infestation can happen; however, it is much more common than you might think.

Because silverfish go unnoticed, they can infest your home in Phoenix in no time. They love to hide, which makes them difficult to eradicate, but it’s not impossible. When you know more about this silver bug, you’ll know how to handle them when they enter your Phoenix home.

What Do Silverfish In Phoenix Look Like?

When compared to species like ants or cockroaches, there are not many . You’ll find, however, that the most common type you’ll come across is the long-tailed silverfish. Here are some identifying features of a silverfish:

  • Oval-shaped mass with an elongated tail
  • Silver or brown in color
  • Adults can grow up to ½ inch
  • Long antennae
  • No wings
  • Very fast

If you see a bug in your home that doesn’t match any of these descriptors, then it’s probably not a silverfish. However, you must remember that these are sneaky bugs and just because you don’t see them doesn’t mean they are not there. Still, , you don’t want this nuisance pest to take over.

Signs Of Silverfish In Your Phoenix House

You should keep an eye out around your home for signs that an infestation is amassing under your roof. Though these signs might not be noticeable at first, it’s best to take measures against these bugs. Here are some things to note that might mean you have a silverfish infestation:

  • Staining like black spots (fecal matter)
  • Marks or holes on books and painting (feeding marks)
  • Yellow or brown-looking scales (found mostly in light fixtures)
  • Actually seeing a silverfish

When you start to notice the , you’ll want to know the best way to get rid of silverfish and fast. Because no one wants these pests crawling around their home at any time of the day.

Do Silverfish In Phoenix Bite?

Silverfish do not have the strength or ability to break human skin, therefore they can’t actually bite you. These bugs are mostly a nuisance pest when it comes to why you would want to be rid of them. While they won’t hurt you, they can spread quickly and are annoying to deal with.

You can typically find silverfish in moist areas such as bathrooms, attics, and basements. Don’t be surprised to find them among any stored books or wallpaper too. Silverfish love to eat the bonding glue that is used for bookbinding and such. For the best way to get rid of silverfish, turn to a professional team to get the job done right.

How To Get Rid Of Silverfish In Your Phoenix Home

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