We know how much you love your home in Tucson and getting the rest you need with a relaxing night’s sleep. There’s nothing better than getting a rejuvenating 8 hours that keeps you at your best. That’s where bed bugs can get in the way of the quality of life you deserve.

Crawling and biting little bed bugs can make a big negative impact on your sleep. Don’t let them share your bed with you – call for instead. We offer exceptional local pest control for bed bugs so you can stop worrying about these annoying pests.

Trust our experienced professionals here at Green Home Pest Control to restore your restful nights so you can get back to living your life in the best possible way.

How To Identify A Bed Bug

Bed bugs can leave signs that can help you know they’ve moved in. Seeing reddish-brown fecal spots on your bedding, upholstery, or wallpaper can point them out. They also leave molt skin, eggs, and eggshells around in these areas.

If you see a bed bug, it’s a sure thing that there’s more. They have a body about a quarter of an inch long. Their color is mahogany if they haven’t fed, but they can be redder if they’ve just eaten.

How And Why Bed Bug Infestations Get Worse With Time

don’t have anything to do other than bite your exposed skin while you’re sleeping. If they’re successful, bed bug bites will show up in two or three days. In the meantime, they’re reproducing to make the problem worse.

Having a bed bug infestation is notoriously difficult to get rid of because they reproduce extremely quickly. Females lay 1-5 eggs every day and can lay 541 eggs over their lifespan. Their colorless baby nymphs become full-fledged adults in only 21 days. That means more adult females can lay eggs at that rapid pace.

If they go undetected, bed bugs can take over a whole house in no time. That’s why at the first , we strongly encourage you to give us a call for .

Tips To Avoid Bed Bugs That Actually Work

If you’re wondering how to get rid of bed bugs, we’re here to help! We’ve got a bed bug removal service that takes care of every little pest. Once we’ve helped, there are some ways to avoid having another annoying infestation.

The easiest way to deal with bed bugs is to avoid having to deal with them in the first place! They love to hitchhike on your clothes or belongings, letting you carry them into your home. These little opportunists can latch on, but if you take the right measures, they will have a chance to stay for dinner.

Make sure to vacuum your belongings and wash your clothes in hot water after the following activities:

  • Using public transport
  • Being in crowded spaces
  • After staying in a hotel

That will stop them from getting into your home. If you can keep your luggage in a large garbage bag when staying in a hotel, that will help too. Make sure to inspect any second-hand furniture, mattresses, or box springs before use as well.

Call The Professionals At The First Sign Of Bed Bugs

It’s imperative that you call us here at Green Home Pest Control as soon as you spot a sign of ! They reproduce so quickly that the problem gets significantly worse in a short period of time. We don’t want you dealing with bed bugs all over your home. Let us take care of the issue for you in the most convenient way for you.

When you need bed bug pest control near you, rely on our local experts. Our experienced professionals put the best techniques, equipment, and industry knowledge to use to get rid of every last pesky guest. We’ll get your home in Tucson back to being pest-free so you can get back to enjoying life!

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