As the largest type of spider, the tarantula isn’t exactly welcomed into Phoenix homes. And while they might not be as dangerous as most people think, tarantulas still don’t belong in your home. Find out what everyone should know about tarantulas, and what precautions you should take to rest easier at night.

What Tarantulas Look Like

If you find a large and hairy spider in your Phoenix home, you’re probably looking at a tarantula. There are over 800 species of tarantulas, but only 30 reside in Arizona. Whichever species you find around your home, you can discern it from other spiders by its large size.

Tarantulas Aren’t Aggressive

It’s a misconception that tarantulas are the most aggressive spiders in Phoenix, always looking to bite. In reality, the opposite is true. Tarantulas only bite when they feel threatened. Typically, they give ample warning and only bite when there’s no way to avoid conflict.

Tarantulas Aren’t Usually A Threat

Although tarantulas do have venom, they’re not considered dangerous to humans. Their bites leave behind an impressive puncture mark but aren’t particularly painful. If improperly cared for, a tarantula bite could result in an infection that requires medical attention. And any pets that encounter a tarantula could be in danger. Before biting, some tarantulas may release spiny hairs. These hairs could irritate your eyes or nasal passages. But, once again, this behavior isn’t deadly or even all that dangerous. Much smaller Phoenix pests can be more dangerous than tarantulas.

Why Tarantulas Go Indoors

Tarantulas are burrowing arachnids that don’t build webs. Females remain by their nests and never venture out, which means you probably won’t find a female tarantula inside your home. At times, the males venture off in search of a female, but they also enjoy being outside and aren’t common home invaders. That said, tarantulas do occasionally enter homes. They may do so in search of a mate or food. To get inside, a tarantula might walk in through an open door, torn window screen, or crack in siding. Fortunately, tarantulas aren’t invasive like other pests. They don’t reproduce quickly and won’t take over your home.

Where Tarantulas Live Indoors

Once inside your home, a tarantula is unlikely to remain out in the open. These spiders usually remain in crawl spaces, gutters, and window wells. As a nocturnal, fast-moving creature, the tarantula can remain out of sight.

You Can Keep Tarantulas Away

If you don’t want tarantulas hanging around your home, there are a few things you can do. All of these tips make your home less appealing to tarantulas:

Clean Regularly

If you clean your home regularly, you can deter tarantulas. This works for two reasons. First, it makes your home less appealing to insects, which takes away prey for tarantulas. Secondly, it makes it more difficult for tarantulas to hide from you. When you clean, you can check the corners and crawl spaces for hidden arachnids.


If you have a home full of clutter, you give tarantulas more places to hide. Whenever you get a chance, declutter your home. Pay special attention to your basement and attic.

Disturb Prime Tarantula Habitat

Tarantulas don’t live in areas with high human traffic. If you check your gutters and window wells regularly, tarantulas won’t find them to be appealing hiding spots.

Seal Up Entrances

Despite their large size, tarantulas can get into small openings. Check your home for broken siding, gaps around plumbing, and any other potential entrances. Then, use an appropriate method to seal the opening.

Call The Pros

For assistance keeping tarantulas out of your Phoenix home, contact our professionals at Green Home Pest Control. We’re ready to help.


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