, you are aware that insects, multi-legged bugs, and wild animals can impact your business in a negative way. Flies can get in and buzz around in kitchen areas or where you’re selling food products. Rodents can invade food storage areas. Spiders can create unsightly webs on your exterior entryway or in awnings. Commercial pest control offers a comprehensive solution to pest problems. Today, we’re going to zero in on just what it means to have for your Queen Creek business. You should find some great insights, tips, and helpful nuggets of information here.

General Pest Maintenance

There are many ways you can . These can make the exterior of your business less interesting to pests, reduce pest populations, and prevent pest entry. While certainly important, they don’t provide comprehensive pest maintenance. Here are a few examples.

Storing garbage in covered containers and removing it from your property as soon as possible can have a big impact on pest activity.

Keeping lights off near entryways or replacing white lights with yellow lights can keep insect activity low in this key area.

Removing spider webs around the exterior of your business can increase curb appeal. Plus, this important pest maintenance may also remove eggs sacs that can have hundreds of eggs in them.

Keeping doors open only as long as needed will keep flies and other pests from zipping inside.

Sealing gaps around plumbing and other foundation penetrations can reduce routes rodents, and other pests used to get inside.

Repairing or replacing screens will stop flying insects from going through open windows.

Comprehensive Pest Maintenance

A licensed commercial pest control applicator uses field-tested methods and trusted products to achieve what untrained individuals cannot. This provides the highest level of . Your scheduled service visits may include some or all of the following:

  • Detailed inspections to locate pest activity, track conducive conditions, and to evaluate treatments.
  • Suggestions may be given based on the findings of pest control evaluations.
  • Caulk and other materials may be applied to seal gaps, cracks, and holes.
  • A long-lasting residual dust may be injected into holes, recesses, and other openings to prevent pest harborage and activity.
  • An application may be applied underneath equipment, appliances, and shelving.
  • Products may be applied around entryways, in landscaping, in trash receptacles, and other essential areas where pests are likely to be active.
  • Products may be applied to drains to prevent fruit flies, drain flies, phorid flies, and other pests from reproducing indoors.
  • Webs may be removed from your exterior using an extended spider web removal tool, and all interior webs may also be addressed.
  • A mist may be applied to exterior locations to stop mosquito reproduction and prevent ticks and fleas from getting inside.
  • Tamper-resistant rodent traps may be placed down, monitored, and serviced.
  • Sticky traps may be installed in key locations to track insect activity.

Do You Have A Commercial Pest Control Plan?

No Queen Creek business should ever go without an effective commercial pest control plan. There are far too many ways pests can impact your business. If you’re in Queen Creek, the service team here at Green Home Pest Control can guide you in selecting the right combination of . Reach out to us today to learn more or to schedule a consultation with one of our pest management professionals.

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