Termites are destructive winged pests found throughout Arizona that primarily eat cellulose contained in wood. They may infest a property and go unnoticed for a while because they generally eat wood structures after tunneling within. Over time, this internal erosion can cause significant structural damage to a property, typically not covered by insurance policies. Termites will attack most types of wooden structures. Newly constructed homes typically will have been pretreated to prevent termites; however, this protection can wear off after several years and make the property vulnerable. Because of their small size, a tiny opening can allow entry to a property, and they can soon begin destroying the materials inside.

Common Types In Arizona

The two types most commonly found in Arizona are the desert subterranean and western dry-wood termites. Subterranean termites build underground nests and create tunnels widely referred to as mud tubes that allow for safe travel to wood sources.

Drywood termites will build their nest within a wooden structure rather than in the ground. This type is often more identifiable because they generate piles of hardened excrement near their nest.

Termite Swarmers

One of the most common infestation indicators is swarming termites, which is the beginning of their mating season. In regions of the U.S. with four distinct seasons, this generally will occur in the spring. In the Phoenix area, these winged termites may take flight during the mid to late summer months. They often swarm close to lights, such as those used to illuminate the entryway near exterior doors.

Swarmers Create New Colonies

The male and female termites soon mate and will attempt to form new colonies. You might notice small accumulations of discarded wings that they shed toward the end of swarming periods.

Preventing Termite Intrusions

  • Limit moisture: The Phoenix area has much less annual rainfall than most U.S. regions; however, moisture may result from other sources. For example, they were pooling water from sprinklers or condensation from air conditioners. Repair any leaking fixtures or pipes.
  • Remove unnecessary wood and debris: Never store firewood or spread large amounts of mulch close to the home.
  • Separate soil from the structure: Create a layer using steel mesh or rock-type material to prevent subterranean termites from directly accessing the foundation.
  • Seal likely points of entry: Use a durable caulk or silicone sealant to fill in any cracks in the home’s foundation or other openings.

Do I Need A Professional Exterminator For Termite Infestations?

In many cases, property owners do not detect a termite problem until some potentially expensive damage has occurred. Others may mistake attempting to use aerosol sprays, termite powders, or other mass-marketed products available at local stores or internet retailers and fall short in eradicating these pests. A termite infestation is best handled by seasoned professionals who have a solid understanding of the best practices for safely eliminating these sprawling colonies.

Licensed Local Provider Of Professional Pest Control Solutions

The team of experienced extermination professionals at Green Home Pest Control uses the latest products and techniques available in the industry today. We remain well-versed in the safety guidelines recommended by the EPA, Arizona Pest Professional Organization, and the National Pest Management Association. We are committed to using organic products that are safe for our customers, their pets, and the ecosystem.

Our team provides solutions for Phoenix property owners struggling with problems such as bed bugs, ants, stinging insects, and a host of other bothersome and potentially dangerous pests. We are also accredited with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and have earned an A rating. Contact our office today for a complete interior and exterior property inspection and no-obligation estimate.


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