Carpet beetles (anthrenus verbasci) are found everywhere in the United States, and they’re a common pest for Mesa homes. These insects live outside and feed on plants, but when the carpet beetle population is most active during the summer months, they’ll venture indoors, namely through open windows and doors.

Despite their small size, if you suspect you may have carpet beetles, it’s essential to take caution, as these pests can trigger allergic reactions, and they can also cause damage to household items.

Read on for more on how to , what attracts carpet beetles to Mesa homes, the damage that carpet beetles can cause, and tips on .

How To Identify Carpet Beetles

Carpet beetles are tiny, measuring just three millimeters long, and they vary in color from black to speckle-like patterns of orange, brown, yellow, and white. Their bodies are hard, oval-shaped and they have two antennae. However, because of their small size, .

What Attracts Carpet Beetles To Mesa Homes?

Carpet beetles are attracted to homes because of the light they emit. When these pests see the light being emitted from a home, whether that’s through open windows and doors or in cracks around plumbing, ventilation, electrical ducts, and chimneys, they head towards it. Carpet beetles may also be brought indoors on infested items.

Once they’re inside, adult carpet beetles will lay their eggs on clothing, carpet, or furniture. Carpet beetle larvae feed on fabric and animal products, such as silk, wool, hair, and animal skins. They often find these materials in homes due to stained carpeting, poor cleaning, or the mishandling of animal products. Adult carpet beetles feed on flower pollen, so it is the carpet beetle larvae that cause damage.

What Damage Can Carpet Beetles Cause?

in two ways: they can trigger allergic reactions, and they can (and do) cause damage to personal possessions.

Allergic reactions to carpet beetles include red, itchy, and watery eyes, a runny nose, and itchy skin. Carpet beetle rashes appear as random red dots on the skin.

Damage to the home typically appears as two telltale signs, which include:

  • Damage to upholstery, clothing, or carpet, which is concentrated in a single, large area.
  • Carpet beetle residue, such as shed skin and fecal matter.

Tips On Preventing Carpet Beetles

To from occurring, consider the following four tips:

  • Make Necessary Repairs To Windows And Door Screens: This includes replacing damaged screens and regularly checking for damage.
  • Installing Door Sweeps On Exterior-Facing Doors: Adding door sweeps, including to garage doors, can help prevent carpet beetles and other pests.
  • Properly Store Fabric Items: Because carpet beetles are attracted to fabrics and other large textiles, it’s important to keep these items properly stored. Hanging clothing on cedar hangers can help repel carpet beetles, as cedar products, such as chips and oil, act as a natural deterrent.
  • Vacuum Regularly: Vacuuming regularly throughout the week can help to remove any existing carpet beetle larvae, as well as any fallen food, dust, or other debris which may attract pests.

Clear Out Carpet Beetles With Professional Help

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