From a distance, don’t look like formidable adversaries. They’re small reddish-brown pests that don’t have many distinguishing features. If you look at a fire ant up close, you can see their sharp mandibles and stinger, but they still don’t seem that intimidating.

Unfortunately, fire ants are more dangerous than they appear. If you see these stinging pests on your property, you should act quickly. Learn what you need to do when you find these or business.

The Dangers Of Fire Ants

Before you find out what your first steps should be, it’s crucial to understand the danger associated with fire ants. These ants in Chandler have venom in their stingers, and they’re not afraid to use it. If they sense a threat to their colony, a fire ant will sting the intruder. They’ll also signal for other fire ants to attack, which results in multiple stings. If you’re not allergic to fire ant venom, you can expect to experience some pain and irritation. Fire ant stings aren’t pleasant and can itch for days. Unfortunately, stings occur frequently because it’s challenging to spot fire ant nests. People often get stung as they unknowingly walk, stand, or sit in a nest. Because fire ant colonies are extremely large, you could have many nests on your property. The real trouble comes when someone who is allergic to fire ant venom is stung. Dizziness, nausea, and even anaphylactic shock are all symptoms of a fire ant sting. The stakes are high, and this makes it essential to deal with fire ants as soon as you find them.

What You Should Do

The first thing you should do when you find a fire ant colony is to call an experienced pest control company. On your own, there’s not much you can do to eliminate fire ants. There are multiple queens, so killing one queen won’t destroy the whole colony. Almost immediately, a new queen will take over, and the colony will endure. DIY methods of fire ant removal are largely ineffective. If you try some of the natural solutions you can find online, you’re bound to be disappointed. Some of the methods are purely myths, while others are only partially effective. When you attempt to handle the infestation on your own, you waste your time and money. As soon as you call in the experts, they can assess the problem. Then, the professionals can determine the . If you work with a reputable company, they can use a method that gets rid of fire ants and prevents them from returning.

The Importance Of Fire Ant Prevention

Because there’s only one effective way of eliminating fire ants, prevention is crucial. All of the following tips could :

Maintain Your Yard

If you have debris piles and leaves on the ground, you could attract fire ants to your property. Clean up your yard debris and prevent your yard from becoming overgrown. This alone won’t guarantee that fire ants will stay away, but it’s a start.

Seal Your Trash Cans

Storing your garbage in open containers will be attractive to fire ants because it gives them a source of food. Eliminate this food source by storing your garbage in containers with lids.

Rely On A Professional

After everything is said and done, there’s only one real way to protect your property from fire ants. When you work with Green Home Pest Control, you can eliminate and for good. Contact us now to learn more.

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