Ticks are present, even in Arizona’s climate. There are a few types of ticks that can be found in the Grand Canyon State. Practicing tick safety can be a good idea; contact Green Home Pest Control for experience and professionalism when needing Chandler pest control services.

What Does A Tick Look Like?

One of the first steps to keeping ticks away from the property is to identify them. While Rocky Mountain wood ticks can reside in Arizona, there are two different types of ticks that people can contact.

Ticks are pretty vicious. These disease-causing parasites hop on a host, then grip onto the skin before starting a nasty feeding process: alternating between injecting saliva and sucking blood.

  • Brown Dog Tick: Young ticks, or nymphs, have six legs while adults have eight. This brown bug is the culprit behind many cases of Rocky Mountain spotted fever in Arizona.
  • Rocky Mountain Wood Tick: This brown insect can become gray in color after feeding. Uncommon in the Chandler region, this tick may be found in the northern part of the state and could hitch a ride with unsuspecting travelers.

Ticks In Arizona And Their Bites

The bite of a tick does not usually feel painful, which is part of the problem. Folks might not even know a tick has bitten them because they may think they would undoubtedly notice something as invasive as a tick bite.

While not every single tick bite can spread disease to a host, it is good to know the common problems with ticks that can occur in Arizona.

  • Colorado Tick Fever: Vomiting, rash, chills, fever, lethargy, sore throat, and cramping may occur anywhere from one day to two weeks. Thankfully human lives are usually not in danger if a tick passes this disease to them.
  • Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever: Victims can experience fever, vomiting, headache, and spotted rash anywhere from two to 12 days after a bite. The condition can become life-threatening.
  • Tularemia: An ulcer, swollen lymph glands, and high fever may show up; symptoms may be anywhere from mild to severe. Transmission time can be around three to five days.
  • Keep In Mind: Seek immediate medical attention if any of the above signs are noticed.

Tick Prevention Near Me

One of the best ways to avoid contracting a tick-borne illness is to focus on tick prevention methods.

Address Outdoor Spaces: Pick weeds frequently. Keep piles of wood off the premises if possible. Remove any leaf litter or debris in the yard. Trim tree limbs and minimize overhanging shrubbery near the home, walkways, and patio areas.

  • Deter Hosts: Deer, rodents, and coyotes can carry ticks onto properties. Keeping these critters away can reduce the number of on-site ticks. Ensure trash is stowed correctly in a receptacle with a lid that shuts tightly. Dump any standing water. Repair any leaky spigots or sprinkler heads. Avoid feeding birds.
  • Medicate Pets: Ensure pets are completely protected when they go outside. Many tick products are available that are very effective in keeping ticks off pets; follow a schedule and apply the medicine as instructed.
  • Mow Grass: When mowing grass, lower the blade so the grass is cut relatively short; no more than three inches is optimal.

Tick Extermination

Seeking tick prevention near me? Reach out to Green Home Pest Control professionals for sound advice or assistance with . Our skilled technicians customize a plan based on specific needs; we also guarantee our work.

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