There are so many different birds here in Phoenix. Many enjoy nesting on and around local homes and businesses. This does not always mean that birds are a problem. Lots of local species cause little to no trouble for residents. This cannot be said about pigeons. These birds are a huge problem for home and business owners alike.

Here are some things you should know about pigeon control near you and why they are an issue for properties here in Phoenix. Contact our dedicated staff at Green Home Pest Control if you would like to know about our bird control methods. Let us share with you some of our advanced strategies to deal with these and other problematic local pests.

How To Identify The Domestic Pigeon

Before we get into methods for controlling pigeons, we think you should know how to identify these pests. The pigeon, also known as a rock dove, is a local bird with a wide chest, small head, short neck, and often colorful plumage. Although capable of flying, these birds will often walk around on streets, sidewalks, and yards. They do this to look for food and other interesting things.

One thing you should know about pigeons is that they are incredibly intelligent. We have seen these birds open sliding glass doors and do other clever things to gain access to food. Be certain that they will use their intelligence to establish a nest and find food on your property. We are here to help you stop them from doing this.

All The Ways Pigeons Can Be Problematic For Your Business

There is a good reason why you should look into pigeon bird control in Phoenix. These pests are a problem.

The biggest issues that pigeons cause come from their droppings. Their excrement is extremely acidic and can contain several harmful disease vectors. This leads to two things: the destruction of property in the form of acidic decay and the chance of contracting a sickness. If you own a business that deals with customers, these bird pests are especially problematic. To help you avoid the many issues that come with these invasive creatures, take some time today to learn more about methods to control pigeons.

Using Bird Netting For Pigeon Control

Pigeon infestation control comes in many different forms. One popular control option is bird netting. This method involves installing nets around areas where pigeons and other aviary pests might roost. If installed properly, nets will prevent access and make your building less accessible to a wide variety of pest birds. Combining nets with other popular control methods will go even further to help you avoid a problem with pigeons.

Find out what you need to stop these pests from settling down on your property or to control an existing infestation by talking with our team at Green Home Pest Control. Let us point you in the right direction to total bird freedom.

The Importance Of Professional Pigeon Control: Benefits And Solutions

It is not impossible to prevent or control pigeons on your own. It will, however, take a lot of work and could be harmful to your health.

To safely and effectively handle these pests, talk with our team at Green Home Pest Control about our advanced service offerings. We will find what you need to remove existing pigeons from your property and install long-term exclusion and abatement options to help you avoid future problems. Call Green Home Pest Control now to learn more about our Phoenix pigeon control and make an appointment for your property.

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