Pavement ant infestations are not uncommon in Arizona. Pavement ant images show these pests taking over concrete areas. Want to know if pavement ants bite in Phoenix? Want to see if it’s possible to kill pavement ants naturally? Contact Green Home Pest Control for advice. Our helpful associates are knowledgeable in all types of of the Southwest.

Pavement Ant Facts

, and what does it look like? As this type of ant is so similar to other ants, it can be a good idea to get a professional opinion when identifying this species.

Like other insects, these pests have six legs and a pair of antennae. Pavement ants can be brown, dark brown, or black; they are small. The trouble is that these bugs have colonies containing thousands of these ants.

Are Pavement Ants Harmful?

If a pavement ant colony or two has taken up residence in or , it makes sense to find out if pavement ants bite. This type of ant can sting but prefers not to, and such stings aren’t going to cause more than a mild discomfort if even that. However, there are other ways that the pavement ant can cause problems.

  • Food Contamination: Although these pests enjoy dining on insects outside and juices from yummy plants, they also have quite a sweet tooth and crave protein. Pavement ants can get indoors and crawl around in search of human food to eat and then corrupt it in the process.
  • Home Invasion: It’s important to understand pavement ant facts when looking at how these pests can cause trouble. This type of ant is not always content to live outside in pavement cracks and under rocks. Pavement ants can barge their way inside, looking for food or water.
  • Sheer Numbers: Some of these ants can live for several years. As pavement ant populations expand, there may be 10,000-plus ants in a single colony. Not technically dangerous, pavement ants are hard to eliminate due to the massive amount of them that invade a property at one time.

Getting Rid Of Pavement Ants In Homes

Anyone interested in can implement a few helpful methods:

  • Keep A Tidy Home: Promptly wipe up any crumbs that fall after food is prepared or eaten. Vacuum carpeting and rugs regularly. Sweep and mop consistently so ants cannot find those food particles.
  • Maintain The Yard: Scroll through any pavement ant images to find pictures of these pests living happily in pavement and other areas outside. Trim tree and shrub branches back, so they do not come too close to the dwelling. Store firewood as far away as possible from the home: at least 20 feet.
  • Tackle Moisture Issues: Ants, like many other pests, are attracted to water. Make sure there are no leaky sprinkler heads or spigots. Don’t forget to check pipes indoors for drips as well.

Is It Possible To Kill Pavement Ants Naturally?

It may sound nice to think pavement ants can be eliminated with essential oils and other natural remedies, but these methods rarely, if ever, yield success. Getting rid of pavement ants in home driveways doesn’t have to be complicated. Do-it-yourself (DIY) approaches rarely work because these ants are tough to get rid of, but Green Home Pest Control professionals make the simple. We offer free estimates and tailor services to each specific Phoenix area home for effective results.

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