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Professional Pest Solutions In Apache Junction, AZ

As life in Apache Junction flies by, our busy schedules only allow us to do so much. Unfortunately, pest control seems to fall by the wayside, but if you’re not taking care of the local pest problems in your home or business, you might regret it.

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Home Pest Control In Apache Junction, AZ

If you’re one of the many residents of Apache Junction who take pride in your home and yard, then pest control should be at the top of your priority list. Safety concerns and home damage often accompany a pest infestation (whether it is insects or rodents, or some other creature), so taking care of these issues before they start is paramount to protecting your health and home. 
Fortunately, you don’t have to waste your time on inconsistent home remedies or over-the-counter methods. Green Home Pest Control has the home pest control services you want at the prices you need.

Our expert technicians can create a custom plan to fit your home and budget needs, and our quarterly treatments can be scheduled around what’s convenient for you. Call Green Home Pest Control today to find out more.

Commercial Pest Control In Apache Junction, AZ

As a business owner or manager, you spend countless time and money trying to make your business succeed. While a lot of this effort is put into marketing, ignoring the need for pest control can destroy all of your marketing efforts. All it takes is one pest sighting to damage your business’ reputation in the community and possibly resulting in huge losses in patronage.

Pest and rodent invasions can also lead to failed health inspections, an unproductive work environment, and damaged/contaminated inventory. Fortunately, Green Home Pest Control knows how to take care of pest control for you. With regular commercial pest control treatments based around your business hours, our pest technicians will never be seen by your customers. Plus, if any surprises pop up in between our treatments, we’ll send someone out before the customers even know there’s a problem. You can never be too careful when all of your customers are armed with camera phones and access to thousands of potential customers on social media. Make sure you’re covered from invading pests and rodents.

Three Ant Prevention Tips For Apache Junction, AZ Residents

If you see ants in the yard, you probably don’t think too much of them. However, waiting until they’re crawling around inside your house, ruining your stored foods, and causing health concerns is not a very effective prevention plan. Try these three tips to keep them out:

  1. Clean your home regularly. Since ants love to feed on the crumbs of human food, wiping down tables/counters and vacuuming and mopping the floors can help limit ant attraction.
  2. Store food and trash properly. Tightly sealed containers are a necessity for stopping ants from squeezing through to contaminate your stored foods.
  3. Get professional help. Since ants are so small, they can squeeze through almost any cracks and crevices in your home’s foundation. Trying to seal them all would be nearly impossible.

If you want to keep ants out of your home for good, call the professionals at Green Home Pest Control. Our ant control treatments will not only limit ant attractions into the home but stop them dead in their tracks.

Guide To Protecting Your Apache Junction, AZ Property From Termite Damage

The damage that termites create is well-documented, but many people don’t understand how to avoid this damage. Start with preventing factors that will attract them onto the property. Termites are highly attracted to moist soil and moisture-damaged wood, so moisture management and lawn maintenance will be key. Begin by maintaining the lawn regularly to reduce clutter in the yard that can create uneven moisture buildup.

When shifting your focus to the house, utilize an effective gutter and downspout system. This ensures that you expel rainwater from the side of the home and avoid wood rot in the foundation. Inside the house, focus on preventing moisture buildup near the foundation of the house with a dehumidifier in the basement or crawlspaces. You also need to monitor your pipes closely, as just a small drip can lead to moisture buildup and termite attraction. If you do have an infestation, noticing it early can help you avoid the costly damage that termites create. They usually take over a year to cost homeowners more than $1,000, so noticing the following signs early will be crucial.

  • Frass: a mixture of termite excrement and wood that builds up along baseboards.
  • Tightening around doors and windows: termite damage can tighten those frames considerably, making the doors and windows tough to open.
  • Clicking noises in the walls: soldier termites sometimes emit a small noise.
  • Mud tubes: termites will tunnel into your home from the soil, creating mud tubes along outdoor walls near the ground.

If you do notice these signs, don’t waste time on DIY (do it yourself) eradication methods that won’t get the infestation completely. Instead, call Green Home Pest Control for termite prevention services that work.

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