Homeowners may appreciate Arizona’s dry heat, but so do scorpions. There are plenty of different scorpion species in Arizona, but the ones you’re likely to encounter are:

  • Arizona Bark Scorpion: With yellow-tan coloring, bark scorpions are known to wander into homes from time to time, and they’re one of the most venomous scorpions in the country.
  • Arizona Giant Hairy Scorpion: Not only is it the largest scorpion in the US, but the giant hairy scorpion is also one of the few types to have so much hair on its body.
  • Yellow Ground Scorpion: While it may get mistaken for the bark scorpion because it also has yellow coloring, its venom isn’t dangerous to people.
  • Arizona Stripe Tail Scorpion: As the most common scorpion in Arizona, the stripe-tail scorpion has dark stripes on its dorsal area.

Regardless of which scorpion you find in your Arizona home, these pests aren’t welcome guests. Here’s what Arizona residents should know about why scorpions invade homes, the dangers of having a scorpion infestation, how to control them, and what to do if you already have a scorpion problem.

Why Scorpions Invade Phoenix Properties

Scorpions may have a fondness for deserts, but that doesn’t mean they won’t invade your Phoenix home from time to time. When they do wander into your house, most scorpions are looking for the same four things: darkness, moisture, shelter, and food.

  • Darkness: Like many other arachnids, scorpions prefer to hang around dark areas where they won’t be disturbed. While they may hide under rocks or tiny cracks and crevices, your dark basement or secluded attic can also look appealing to scorpions.
  • Moisture: If you ever find a scorpion in your kitchen or bathroom, there’s a good chance they were looking for water. Scorpions need moisture, and they may enter homes through plumbing or drainage systems.
  • Shelter: Scorpions may prefer to find shelter outside, but they’re also sensitive to heat and sunlight and may hide from these elements inside your home.
  • Food: A scorpion’s diet is made up of other insects, spiders, and even lizards. If your home already has a pest problem, there’s a good chance you could attract scorpions too.

How Bad Is It To Have Scorpions On My Phoenix Property?

While most of the scorpions in Arizona – except the bark scorpion – can’t seriously injure you with their sting, they can still be bad news:
  • Scorpion stings can be as painful as a bee sting, and while these pests aren’t always aggressive, they may sting you if they feel threatened or cornered.
  • In rare cases, you may be allergic to scorpion venom and could have a serious or life-threatening reaction if stung.
If you’re stung by the venomous bark scorpion, you may begin to experience distressing symptoms almost immediately, such as:
  • Severe pain at the site of the sting
  • Muscle immobility, convulsions, or twitching
  • Tingling or numbness
  • Vomiting and nausea
  • Difficulty breathing

Even if you’re not sure it was a bark scorpion that stung you, you should always seek medical attention if you begin experiencing physical symptoms following a scorpion sting.

Easy & Effective Scorpion Control Tips For Phoenix Properties

When it comes to controlling scorpions, the first step is keeping them away from your home. Here are some ways to prevent these troublesome pests:

  • Get rid of excess clutter and debris. Scorpions love to hide under debris and clutter, and any debris sitting in your home can serve as the perfect hiding spot. Make sure you regularly clean up excess clutter, including yard debris and stacked firewood near your home.
  • Seal any openings in your home. Scorpions may use tiny gaps to get into your home, such as the open spaces around doors and windows. You can seal off these openings by using caulk or weatherstripping.

Deal with other pest problems. If you’ve got other pests, like spiders, insects, or beetles, in your home, you may continue to attract scorpions. Make sure you’re properly storing food in your home, keeping garbage cans sealed, and cleaning up crumbs and spills.

The Secret To Total Scorpion Control For Phoenix Properties

While you can use the tips above to help prevent scorpions, there’s one truly effective way to deal with an existing scorpion problem – and that’s calling us at Green Home Pest Control. Our reliable, effective scorpion control treatments can return your home to a scorpion-free zone. If you suspect you’ve got a scorpion problem or may be attracting them to your house, don’t wait – call us today at Green Home Pest Control for more information about how our scorpion control works or to schedule an inspection for pest control in Phoenix.

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