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American cockroach in the dark

Mar 02, 2022

American Cockroaches In Peoria And How To Keep Them Out

American Cockroaches are among the biggest pest problem for Peoria homes and businesses year-round. These pests spread disease and cause damage to possessi... Read More

carpenter ant crawling on a wood fence

Mar 02, 2022

Keeping Carpenter Ants Away From Your Scottsdale Home

Have carpenter ants invaded your Scottsdale home? Find out why these insects are so dangerous & how to remove them from your Scottsdale home once and for a... Read More

a house mouse on a potted plant

Feb 28, 2022

What To Do About House Mice In Your Chandler Home

Are mice squeezing through into your Chandler home? Learn more if you don't know the differences between mice and rats and how they access your Chandler ho... Read More

large earwig close up

Feb 26, 2022

Should I Be Worried About The Earwigs I Find In Phoenix?

The myths aren’t true: they don’t feed on brains or lay eggs in your ears. However, earwigs are a pest you don’t want in your Phoenix home. Read More

large commercial building with palm trees

Feb 24, 2022

How To Stay Ahead Of Commercial Pest Control In Maricopa

It might be time to become more informed if you don't know about the various pests that invade Maricopa businesses and what remedies are available to you. Read More

close up of a bed bug in a home

Feb 21, 2022

How To Get Rid Of The Bed Bugs In Your Mesa Bedroom

Are bed bugs in Mesa invading your space? If you don’t know how to recognize the signs of a bed bug infestation, now's the time to start. Read More

wasp on a leaf

Feb 18, 2022

Should You Be Worried About The Wasps In Queen Creek?

Wasps in and around your home can make life difficult. Count on our award-winning team to make your home safe again. Call Green Home Pest Control today! Read More

silverfish on a bed

Feb 16, 2022

You Should Get Ahead Of Silverfish Control In Tucson

Are silverfish wriggling through your Tucson home? If you don’t know what it takes for silverfish to thrive and how you can get rid of them, keep reading! Read More

a pigeon standing on concrete

Feb 14, 2022

How To Deter Pesky Birds In Tempe From Living On Your Property

Are birds making a mess out of your property? If you are unaware of the problem and dangers birds can bring to your Tempe home, keep reading. Read More

a mosquito biting someone's skin

Feb 11, 2022

Complete Mosquito Control In Surprise

Mosquitoes are dangerous pests, so knowing all about mosquito control in Surprise is an important step in protecting those on your property. Read More

lady bug on a leaf

Feb 09, 2022

Help! I Want To Keep Beetles Out Of My Peoria Home

Beetles in Peoria can destroy many belongings and be difficult to remove. Find out how to keep them away in this article. Read More

ants on a white bowl

Feb 06, 2022

Should I Be Concerned If I Spot Ants Around My Gilbert Property?

Ants in Gilbert can be dangerous and deceptive, and even nuisance species are invasive. Learn more about how to prevent ants in this guide. Read More


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