Answering Tempe's Most Commonly Asked Scorpion Questions


Scorpions can be challenging pests to deal with in your Tempe home and can inspire a lot of questions among residents. Below, we answer the most commonly asked questions about scorpions.

Large scorpion on a rock

What Does A Scorpion In Your House Mean? 

Though some individuals believe that scorpions around your home mean good luck or a need to flush out the old and bring in the new, what it really means is that these troublesome pests have found a weakness in your structure and entered your home, likely in the pursuit of pest prey. The reality of this situation is not good, and a plethora of scorpions in your home can likely mean that you are also dealing with a pest infestation that is drawing these scorpions inside.

How Poisonous Are Scorpions?

There are many types of scorpions found in Tempe, with the striped bark scorpion being the most common; however, this type of scorpion is unlikely to kill you. That said, a scorpion bite can still be rather painful. It may even be medically dangerous to those with underlying conditions or a history of allergic reactions to insect stings. It is essential to seek medical attention immediately if you are stung by any type of scorpion in Arizona.

How To Keep Scorpions Out Of Your House?

If you want to know how to keep scorpions out of your house, there are some easy prevention tips that you can follow.

  • Address moisture issues both inside and outside your house. Scorpions are drawn to pools of moisture and will want to settle down in sheltered areas around your home with easy access to water. You should also ensure your house has proper ventilation to eliminate any damp areas.
  • Seal potential entry points around your home, including gaps or cracks in windows, doors, and your foundation. You should also update weatherstripping, window and door screens, and door sweeps to completely seal off your home from invading scorpions and their pest prey.
  • Keep your yard clear of debris, including woodpiles and other organic debris. You should also keep the grass trimmed low and reduce the number of large rocks around your property to eliminate scorpion hiding areas.
  • Scorpions will typically enter your home in pursuit of other pest prey. Address any pest infestation such as crickets or ants to help reduce the number of scorpions you have hanging around your property. 

What Is The Best Scorpion Killer? 

While you may be able to purchase over-the-counter scorpion repellents and killers, the best scorpion killer is, in fact, a routine of proactive prevention steps and ongoing professional pest control. Only the professionals at Green Home Pest Control can provide you with unique and targeted solutions that help you fully treat an infestation of these potentially dangerous pests.

How Do You Get Rid Of Scorpions?

If you want to know the answer to 'how do you get rid of scorpions,' your first step is to contact the experts at Green Home Pest Control. Experienced scorpion removal exterminators will help completely clear your property of these pests and provide you with ongoing protection in the form of environmentally-friendly sealants that keep scorpions out for good. This process of sealing up potential entry points may also prevent other pests from entering your home so that you can live with complete peace of mind.

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