Termites can be a major problem for , especially if an infestation is allowed to build up to massive proportions. Understanding termite behavior and reaching out for expert assistance is essential when dealing with this pest.

Understanding Termites And Their Risks

Termites are a small, tan, or light brown colored pest that often goes undetected around your home and in nature. While these insects may be a nightmare around your home, they are beneficial to the environment. Termites are a type of decomposer that breaks down plant fibers in the soil, helping new trees to grow and the dirt to improve in quality. Certain parts of the world such as Africa, Asia, and South America even regard termites as a delicacy.

However, can be bad news for property owners. Termite activity can, unfortunately, go unnoticed for some time before major structural damage starts to show, and by then the infestation is often already out of control. This is one reason why annual property inspections performed by the experts at Green Home Pest Control are so important to stop a problem in its tracks.

To tell if you have termite issues, check out some of the below. Keep in mind that you will likely encounter damage in your home before actually seeing any termite.

  • Hollow wood – knock on the surface of your walls and floors to determine if it sounds hollow or not; termites will often dig tunnels within the grain of the wood, leaving the structure completely hollow and ruining its integrity.
  • Swollen areas on the floor or walls.
  • Cracks or splitting on wooden areas of your home.
  • Mud structures and tubes on the hard areas of your foundation. These can typically be found outside the areas the termites are using to enter your home.
  • Visible pellets or droppings – certain termite species can leave behind small wooden pellets as they tunnel. You may also find termite droppings, which look very similar to coffee grounds or sawdust.
  • Termite bodies or wings – finding dead termite bodies or wing parts around your home is typically a sign of a serious termite infestation.
  • Hearing noises in the walls – this may be hard to hear for some individuals, but it is possible to be able to make out the sound of termites tunneling in your walls. It will sound like a clicking or munching noise.

And, even though you may think that removing termite infestations on your own is a good idea, this is probably not your best option. Do-it-yourself (DIY) termite removal may miss major hiding spots, leaving room for the infestation to start again. It may also be highly inconvenient to bug bomb your home, and some store-bought pest repellants are not as effective on termites. Essential oils meant to protect against these pests may also not be strong enough to get to the root of the problem.

Efficient Termite Removal

The best way to handle a termite infestation is with professional assistance. Contact the professionals at Green Home Pest Control at the first sign of a termite problem or schedule an inspection of your property. The experts will evaluate the scope of your termite issue and provide easy, , preventing major termite damage and giving you peace of mind.

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