When it comes to all the different types of , there is no better solution than contacting professionals. With help from the experts at Green Home Pest Control, your scorpion issues can easily be identified and removed in no time, so your property stays safe and pest-free.

Do Scorpions Make Any Sound?

For the most part, scorpions will not make any sound as they invade your property; they don’t rattle or hiss like other insects, and they don’t chew through wood and create rustling or chewing noises. Soundless behavior like this can make scorpions an especially dangerous pest on your property because you won’t know when they are nearby, and there isn’t much of a warning before you stumble across one. Before you know it, you could be receiving a dangerous and painful sting. Professional pest control helps to before they cause serious health and safety problems.

Do Scorpions Make Nests?

Scorpions don’t typically make nests, and you are unlikely to see a group of scorpions hiding together. Scorpions are solitary and prefer to make their home under rocks, in cracks or crevices, or near sheltered, shady areas that keep them safe from the heat of the day. Suppose you do find many scorpions hiding out together in one place. In that case, it is likely that this is due to a lack of other suitable hiding places and an opportunistic nature rather than nesting or colony-forming behaviors.

If you do come across many scorpions hiding around your property, your first action should be to call Green Home Pest Control and get this potentially dangerous invader removed. Never attempt to interact with hiding scorpions by yourself, as you might get stung.

Signs Of A Scorpion Infestation

When , several notable signs will begin to appear. Review these signs of a scorpion infestation to determine if your property is developing a problem:

  • You notice other bug infestations around your property, such as ants, crickets, or spiders – scorpions love to eat these and are drawn to areas that provide easy access to these insects.
  • You’ve spotted a scorpion or two around your property, either hiding in the cracks of exterior areas or in a dark, secluded, and cool place indoors.
  • A distinctive odor of rotten eggs or bleach starts to fill your property; a large infestation of scorpions causes this odor.
  • You notice scorpion droppings that look like patches of sand around your property.
  • You find scorpion egg cases around your property’s interior or exterior; these egg cases look like tic tac mints.
  • Scorpion tracks that look like a smear in the dirt or a line of pebbles appear around your property.

If you’ve noticed one or more of these signs, it’s time to contact Green Home Pest Control for proper identification of your scorpion problem and effective removal.

What Is The Best Way To Get Rid Of Scorpions?

The best way to kill scorpions and keep this pest far away from your property is by investing in the help of Green Home Pest Control. Our team will help you by completing a thorough inspection that checks for scorpions and tailoring treatment plans to your property’s exact needs. When you trust us with your scorpion control needs, you can get rid of scorpions and reclaim your property from this pest in no time.

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