Compared to most areas of the country, we enjoy significantly more sunny days each year and very mild winter weather. This climate also means that homeowners are more likely to encounter year-round pest-related problems. Some of the most common pests that plague include cockroaches, scorpions, tarantulas, bed bugs, and many others.

Your home is likely among your largest investments, and you and your family may have devoted significant time and resources to make it a safe and comfortable place. Unfortunately, invading pests can potentially create costly property damage and . If you have detected the presence of some type of pests, it is best to consult with a licensed pest control company that will solve the problem quickly and safely.

The Problems With Do-It-Yourself Pest Control Options

Today, online retailers and local home improvement stores commonly promote pest treatment options, including sprays, traps, and baiting stations, that are marketed using highly embellished claims of being a “quick and easy” solution. A large percentage of homeowners today are accustomed to handling repairs and other projects themselves and will respond by purchasing these products. While these individuals are resourceful and have the best intentions, DIY pest extermination efforts typically result in very mediocre results that create further aggravation.

Many of the retail product options today are marketed as multi-purpose solutions that will effectively oust a variety of similar pests. For example, many of the foggers on the market use pyrethrin as the primary active ingredient, which has been proven effective against many flying insects since the 1950s. Some of the mass-marketed options today that use this ingredient are advertised as being capable of eradicating dozens of different critters. Still, this represents more of a generic solution that is far from specialized and likely to be ineffective in practice.

Another concern involves foggers or “bug bombs.” Many and bed bugs are primarily nocturnal and often remain hidden within walls, behind baseboards, and other crevices. Meanwhile, these products are deployed in a room where most of the pests have some degree of protection from direct exposure. Further, once these pests detect these harsh chemicals, they will often relocate, traveling through wiring or plumbing pass-throughs, ducts, and vents into other rooms of the home or into adjacent units in multi-family buildings.

The Benefits Of Contacting An Experienced Pest Controller

Because every property is unique and invasions may involve a variety of different pests, the experts with Green Home Pest Control provide that begin with an initial inspection to gain a firm understanding of the nature of the problem. In many cases, the assessment process starts outdoors by analyzing the exterior of the structure. Here, we seek to determine if any points of entry can be identified and if any conditions exist that make the premises susceptible to further intrusions.

The interior inspection may pose some challenges depending on the layout of the structure. Often, pests will burrow deeply into hard-to-reach areas and create nesting spaces where they might rapidly proliferate. For this reason, our technician may propose a specialized treatment plan that will deeply penetrate the structure to expel the pests.

Established Team Of Pest Control Professionals In Gilbert

Did you know that the trained professionals with Green Home Pest Control can effectively treat , termites, stinging insects, and many other troubling pests that may pose health risks and create property damage? Contact us today to schedule an onsite inspection. Remember to ask our representative about our that include multiple treatment visits that will keep your property pest-free all year long.

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