On the long list of undesirable pests to have in your home, bed bugs are right near the top. As parasites that feed on us while we sleep, few pests illicit the kind of disgust from people as bed bugs do, which is why it’s important to take every precaution when it comes to keeping them out of . Even still, preventative measures can only help so much as these pests are master infiltrators.

Bed Bugs: Hitchhiking Parasites

Most people think that bed bugs only infest dirty areas, which would mean that simply keeping a clean home is all there is to bed bug prevention. The reality is far more complex. While dirty properties, in general, have more ways to attract pests, bed bugs will simply go where there are people or pets to feed on, so they don’t specifically target dirty or clean homes. Instead, , clinging to the clothing and belongings of people or animals who unknowingly carry them back home. That’s right, coming into contact with bed bugs elsewhere can wind up starting an infestation in your own home.

Health Concerns Brought On By Bed Bugs

that directly harm us and our loved ones. While they aren’t known to spread any diseases as mosquitoes or ticks do, bed bugs hit us where we live and they bite us while we sleep. This feeding behavior can result in all of the following types of health problems:

  • Welts: The small, red marks that bed bugs leave behind on your skin are incredibly itchy. The more they cover your skin, the more general discomfort you’ll be in.
  • Infection: As people and animals scratch repeatedly at the site of these welts, they increase their risk of skin infection.
  • Insomnia: All of this is plenty to make most people lose some sleep at night, either from the itchy discomfort of the bites or the psychological effect of knowing that bed bugs will emerge once you close your eyes.

The Biggest Problem: True Prevention

Because they are introduced into homes unexpectedly, by directly or by bringing contaminated items inside, bed bugs are impossible to completely prevent. While you can do certain things, like making sure to inspect used items before you buy them and bring them home, complete protection from bed bugs isn’t assured. It’s impossible to avoid all the public spaces where bed bugs can spread — like airports, hotels, and hospitals — so even diligent homeowners can find themselves with a surprise bed bug problem. Trying to eliminate the population on your own will likely lead to failure because bed bug eggs are often hidden in hard-to-reach places and over-the-counter sprays or homemade solutions won’t necessarily affect them. That’s why, at the first sign of bed bugs, you should contact the experts.

Let Green Home Pest Control Help

Because they are so hard to prevent and control, Green Home Pest Control offers fast, effective, and reliable treatments for bed bugs in Gilbert, Arizona. From early detection to timely removal thanks to traditional liquid treatments or heat application, we offer a that keep your home safe from parasites. Letting the experts help you with is the best way to avoid the dangers that a bed bug infestation poses. Learn how we can help shield your property from bed bugs and other pests by contacting Green Home Pest Control today.

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