Have you ever seen a swarm of flying bugs and thought it was a scene out of a horror movie? Well, it could be worse if those insects turn out to be flying termites swarming around your home! These tiny pests may look harmless, but they can create a heaping amount of damage to your home as well as your bank account.

What a relief to know that the team at Green Home Pest Control provides outstanding service to get rid of termite swarmers around your property before the situation worsens and becomes a massive infestation. So, grab a fly swatter and keep reading to learn all about these kinds of termites and how can keep them from turning your home into their next feast.

How To Identify A Flying Termite

It can be tricky distinguishing termite swarmers from other types of flying insects, but some characteristics can help you recognize them. Flying termites have a thick waist and straight antennae, giving them a distinct body shape compared to other insects, like ants. Swarmers also have two pairs of wings that are longer than their body and neatly fold over their back when not in use.

These termites range in color from light brown to black and are most commonly seen in the spring and summer when they emerge from their nests to mate and start new colonies. They’re attracted to light and can often be seen swarming around windows and light fixtures.

Suppose you have an inkling that there are flying termites around your property. Reach out to your local pest control company, like Green Home Pest Control, who can identify the pest and recommend appropriate treatment options.

What It Means If You Spot Flying Termites On Your Property

Although seeing winged may not indicate a full-blown infestation in progress, it serves as an excellent alert system for you to take action to prevent a significant problem. Flying termites are the reproductives of the caste system, which are solely responsible for scouting out the perfect location to begin a new colony.

You’ll typically see them in the spring and summer months when the weather gets warm. If you do spot them flying around, it’s imperative to contact a qualified pest elimination company like Green Home Pest Control to perform a thorough property assessment.

Factors That Attract Flying Termites To Your Home

Are you curious to know the most common factors that attract flying termites to your home? We’ve provided some of these reasons below:

  • Wood: This material is their primary food source and is especially appealing if it’s in direct contact with soil or exposed to moisture.
  • Landscape: Trees, shrubs, and other greenery on your property can provide a bridge for termites to enter, especially if they make contact with your home’s exterior.
  • Moisture: Leaky pipes, clogged gutters, and standing water make the ideal conditions for these insects to thrive.
  • Openings: These insects only need a small crack or crevice in your home’s roof, walls, or foundation to gain access.

Addressing these issues will reduce your risk of attracting flying termites to your property. However, if you’re in doubt, it’s best to seek out the guidance of professionals with .

Why Professional Termite Control In Tucson Is Necessary

For the ultimate termite protection in Tucson, enlist the services of a professional pest elimination company. At Green Home Pest Control, we take pride in offering solutions that are not just tough on termites but better for your health and safety as well as the environment.

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