Most people don’t think about until they find them along their windows or in light fixtures. Even though they can be small pests, they create a big headache for all the time. Beetles are a part of the Coleoptera family with more than 300,000 types of beetles identified. This alone makes it one of the largest families in the animal kingdom. Therefore, it’s really no wonder that a few of them would find their way into your Chandler residence.

But no matter if you find yourself with dung beetle problems or find carpet beetles in your home, there is a way to get rid of them. For the best way to deal with these bugs or even ways of eradicating beetles entirely, keep on reading.

How To Identify Beetles In Chandler

For the most part, when , you’ll be dealing with carpet beetles in your home. These beetles are very small, only around ? of an inch, which is barely visible to the naked eye. There are four types of carpet beetle in the Chandler area, and they are:

  • Common
  • Varied
  • Furniture
  • Black

All carpet beetles, like most beetles, have wings. Due to how small these bugs are, it can be a difficult task to handle them on your own. Most carpet beetles have an oval shape to them, while the black carpet beetle is shaped more like a pill.

If I See One Beetle Around My Home, Does That Mean There Are More

Beetles are very common and typically if you find one, there are more wandering around. Because of how tiny they are, they can find their way inside through the smallest cracks. Here are some :

  • Repair or close any door gaps.
  • Install mesh screens in doors and windows.
  • Sweep around windows and entryways.
  • Routinely check for foundation cracks.

These are prevention tips, but once you have beetles in your home it’s not as simple as sweeping. Even if you were to vacuum frequently, it would be hard to eradicate an entire beetle infestation. On top of that, spraying is not always an option, as the chemicals don’t always reach carpet beetles.

Do Beetles In Chandler Bite?

You most likely won’t have dung beetle problems in Chandler, but you’re probably . Do beetles bite? Yes, they have the capability to bite, however, it’s not as simple as that.

Only a few types of beetles actually bite humans. These beetles are the stag beetle, blister beetle, and longhorned beetle. They don’t typically bite unless provoked; however, their bite can be powerful if they’re threatened. When you call in professional beetle control to handle an infestation, beetle bites will no longer be a concern.

How Can I Keep Beetles Out Of My Chandler House?

When you want to , there is only one guarantee. Call in the professional team at Green Home Pest Control. By giving us a call, you ensure that your problem with beetles in Chandler is a thing of the past. Our team is dedicated to eradicating beetles from your residence with a pest-free guarantee.

At Green Home Pest Control, you’ll find an award-winning team of highly trained and experienced techs. We fully commit to any pest problems you bring to us no matter what types of beetles are plaguing your home. We know that at Green Home Pest Control, our team is the only clear choice when you find beetles on your Chandler property. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you!

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