Scorpions are scary pests that no one wants to see on their properties. Because they are challenging to deal with on your own, consider reaching out to the Green Home Pest Control team for successful scorpion control in Phoenix.

Should you attempt to remove these pests on your own, you risk suffering a sting. Agitated scorpions also may move quickly and end up stinging your pets or children inadvertently. Our team knows how to find these pests and help you receive the results you want to see by controlling them.

Scorpion Hotspots: Where They Hide And Thrive

So where do scorpions live? In the Phoenix area, they spend most of their time in dark areas, so you may not see them easily. Some of the places they hide include:

  • Piles of firewood
  • Rocks
  • Chunks of cement
  • Piles of trash or compost
  • Piles of leaves
  • Piles of cardboard
  • Behind appliances
  • Inside closets
  • Near leaky plumbing fixtures
  • Along your home’s foundation
  • Cracks and crevices in the foundation or baseboards

If you believe you have dangerous scorpions on your property, it’s important to approach these areas where the pests may be hiding with caution. Don’t pick up a piece of wood quickly without carefully checking for any scorpions hiding underneath.

Scorpion Stings: Symptoms And Treatments

There are many types of scorpions in the Phoenix area. Nearly all of them can sting humans. In most people, a typical scorpion sting causes a similar reaction to a bee sting, meaning they are painful but are not life-threatening. A sting from a typical scorpion causes:

  • Pain at the site of the sting
  • Numbness
  • Tingling
  • Slight swelling

However, the Phoenix area is home to one particularly dangerous type of scorpion, called the Arizona bark scorpion. Should this pest sting you, it could end up causing a severe illness or even a fatality for the victim.

The Arizona bark scorpion’s sting causes the same problems for people as a sting from a general scorpion. However, it also can cause nausea and vomiting, as well as problems with breathing. It could cause an accelerated heart rate and life-threatening anaphylaxis. You should seek immediate medical attention after this type of scorpion sting.

Scorpion Prevention: Top Techniques That Work

If you are wondering how to get rid of scorpions, calling the pest control experts at Action Termite & Pest Control is the best option. After we control your scorpion problem, we then can provide some advice for preventing them from returning.

Commonly, scorpions are seeking sources of water when they move onto your property. Fix leaks from outdoor faucets or sprinkler systems to avoid drawing scorpions. Keep the property free of piles of debris and leaves that could hold moisture. You also should repair any missing weatherstripping or any holes in the foundation, where scorpions may crawl inside your home to seek water.

Professional Scorpion Control: Why Expertise Matters

Scorpions are good at hiding, so you may not know exactly where they are lurking on your property. You might see a few of these pests and think that you eliminated them on your own, but there may be more that you cannot see.
At Green Home Pest Control,scorpion removal our experts know exactly where to search out these pests, giving us the best chance to fully control them on your property. We are not satisfied until you are. We have been serving the Phoenix area for over a decade, so you can be confident that we will always be here to help with your scorpion problems and with any other pests you may be experiencing. Schedule a free estimate with Green Home Pest Control today.


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