Scorpion Control In Surprise, Arizona

Scorpions aren’t an issue for many people living in the United States. But scorpions are as common as other insects on residential properties for those living in Surprise, Arizona. You can keep scorpions out of your home by better understanding them and knowing who can help.

Have Scorpions Invaded My Surprise Home?

As arachnids, scorpions are related to spiders, ticks, and mites. Like spiders, scorpions are predators, essential to controlling other pest populations. Due to our climate in Arizona, scorpions live in healthy populations and, unfortunately, make their way into homes. Although this is the case, infestations are not always apparent. But there are a few ways you can tell if your property is experiencing an infestation or is at risk for one.

Often, seeing other pests is a sign you could or potentially may have scorpions as prey pests will always attract predators. Another thing to look out for is the environment on your property and inside your home, as scorpions prefer dark and damp places to hide.

You may see scorpions in your home or around your property, but because they are nocturnal, there is also a high chance you won’t see them right away.

Please keep reading to learn more about scorpions and how Green Home Pest Control can help keep them out of your Surprise home.