Ants are perhaps the ultimate example of a pest that’s incredibly difficult to prevent and even harder to eliminate. They start as outdoor, subterranean insects that aren’t a noticeable bother. By the time their colonies have grown large enough to sneak indoors or pose other problems, it can be too late to stop them. That’s why early prevention and expert assistance is the best way to keep your property ant-free, and should learn how they can do their part to keep these pests from spreading.

Ants That Are Common To Scottsdale

While the ants we tend to think of are relatively harmless — the ones like pavement ants and sugar ants that mostly seek out food — there are also common ant species that pose larger threats to you and your property. Here are some of the that you should be on the lookout for:

  • Carpenter Ants : They look a lot like other small, black ant varieties but they behave quite differently. Like termites, they bore through household woods and outdoor plants and lead to serious structural damage if left unchecked.
  • Pharaoh Ants : Often yellow or tannish brown, pharaoh ants are dangerous because of the diseases they are known to carry.
  • Fire Ants : Tiny and red, these little bugs mean business. With their rear stingers, fire ants dole out painful stings that can even cause allergic reactions.

Why Ants Are So Hard To Control

Even with the less dangerous species of ants, an infestation on your property is never something that should be taken lightly. Ants can find ways into your home or business that larger pests can’t, and they utilize a caste system to keep their reproductive queens hidden away deep underground. That means at-home methods and store-bought chemicals won’t always be able to eliminate an entire colony. Instead, they often just cover up the problem and pests adapt to find other places to invade from. When you’re , trying to root around and find the source of the problem can end up putting you in harm’s way. Instead, turn directly to pest control experts who can safely and effectively remove the population.

We Help With Ant Prevention

All kinds of ants are attracted by the food, water, and shelter that can be found on and around your property, so early prevention is better than late attempts at solutions. While DIY methods are not recommended to eliminate an existing population there are some steps you can take to reduce your risk of attracting ants.

  • Food Storage : Making sure you don’t leave food out, and keeping it in secure areas and containers, is a good way to make sure ants aren’t being attracted by food aromas.
  • Deep Cleaning : A few crumbs or a mere trace of sugary substances is enough for a tiny ant, so you also need to regularly clean for the spills that occur throughout day-to-day meal prep and consumption.
  • Trash Storage : All that concern over scraps and food storage won’t matter if pests can access your trash can directly. Keep your waste stored securely both inside and outdoors.

Unfortunately, even the most well-maintained homes can end up with ant infestations. We at Green Home Pest Control specialize in not just treating existing pest problems, but providing your property with protection down the road, too. Our experts can properly identify the ant species affecting your home as well as how they are getting inside. Each treatment plan is customized for the unique situation and our products are tough on ants but safe for children and pets.

Effective Ant Control For Your Property

Again, no forms of DIY pest control can guarantee that you won’t get ants. These tiny pests are expert invaders that are attracted to properties for a variety of reasons. You won’t always even know that you’ve got an ant colony right away, which is why frequent inspection by professionals is the best way to make sure . At Green Home Pest Control, we offer timely elimination of pest problems and proven prevention that shields your property for the future. To get started on true , contact Green Home Pest Control today.

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