In Arizona, scorpions are less of a shocking sight and more of a daily encounter, especially the brown bark scorpions that the Southwestern United States are known for. However, just because they’re common doesn’t mean they aren’t a serious concern, and learning how you can from scorpions can save you and your loved ones from nasty stings.

What Are Bark Scorpions?

Bark scorpions are brown-colored pests that are actually more closely related to spiders than they are to the crabs or insects that they look like a cross between. With plated bodies, dual pincers, and rear stingers on their tails, and hardy survivors of some of the harshest environments on the planet. That makes them pretty difficult to fully eradicate or ward off of your property.

Dangers Of Scorpions

While scorpions, like spiders, are more likely to hide or flee from large people and animals, they have venomous stingers for a reason. If provoked, that wander too close, and with pests that blend into the ground so well this isn’t unlikely to happen. Bark scorpions are the most venomous species of scorpion in North America and, while deaths from their stings are rare, they can lead to serious side effects such as:

  • Pain: The immediate burning sensation of a scorpion sting is incredibly unpleasant, even for people who aren’t immobilized by it like some animals are.
  • Dizziness: Light-headedness is another common side effect of scorpion stings.
  • Nausea: As the venom continues to work itself through the bloodstream, people often experience nausea and vomiting as a result.
  • Hospital trips: If symptoms worsen or persist, medical attention is required to defend against the scorpion venom. This often leads to costly trips to the emergency room.

Scorpion Prevention Tips & Tricks

Unlike other pests, which can be attracted to human properties to forage for food, arachnids like scorpions hunt all their food. That isn’t to say they won’t invade yards, homes, and businesses, however, especially if other pests are around to hunt. This means scorpion prevention is really about overall pest control. Certain methods are important to stay on top of to :

  • Food storage: All kinds of foraging insects will be attracted to food that’s left out or easily accessible. Scorpions will follow them to capture a meal.
  • Trash storage: Waste is another target for pests, which can be attracted to accessible bags and bins.
  • Landscaping: Scorpions and other pests like to hide and rest in overgrowth, where they can hunt for prey and avoid being spotted by birds that might eat them.
  • Yard debris: Scorpions nest under large rocks or piles of wood, making any such debris in your yard an attractive place for scorpions to gather and multiply.
  • Crack sealing: As tiny insects squeeze through small holes or cracks in your exterior to gain access to the inside, scorpions are encouraged to find ways to invade so they can get at these growing sources of food.

Green Home Pest Control Has Your Back

Rather than try to remove a scorpion population on your own, exposing yourself to harmful stings, let the professionals get rid of them quickly and safely. For assistance keeping up with proper pest prevention, our experts can give you pointers and more effective solutions to prevent future infestations. At Green Home Pest Control, we guarantee customer satisfaction with our . From early prevention to timely removal, you can rely on our proven solutions to keep bark scorpions away.

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