Tucson is a city with almost a million people. This moderate-sized city has extensive amenities that people need, but it also offers a small-town feel that people crave. Surrounded by five small mountain ranges, it makes this city a spectacular destination. Nestled is an insect that is sleek and fast-moving. It may decide that your Tucson home is a perfect place to settle down. Learn more about silverfish and silverfish control by reading on.

Signs of Silverfish In Your Tucson House

get their name honestly because of their appearance and their fishlike characteristics. Since they live throughout the United States, it is wise to identify them when they appear in your bathroom, attic, or basement (frequent places).

Six silverfish facts about their characteristics include the following:

  1. Their bodies measure from ½ to ¾ inches in length.
  2. They have a flat, oval, and elongated shape (similar to a teardrop).
  3. Adults have fishlike silvery/brown or pearl-gray scales.
  4. They have six legs.
  5. They have two thread-like antennae.
  6. They are nocturnal (rarely seen during daylight unless disturbed).

Homeowners may start to notice distinctive marks that . Chewing patterns that look like irregular etchings on the surface of items they feed on, along with holes and notches, will be evident. Infested items may show yellow stains, lost scales, or even feces (tiny black pellets that look like pepper).

Silverfish damage is visible on the following items:

  • Items held together with glue and paste
  • Paper products (wallpaper, books, envelopes)
  • Upholstery
  • Fabrics
  • Food items (cereals and flour)

If silverfish have a preference, they tend to enjoy proteins the most. Dried beef is one of their favorites, but if they need to, they are more than happy to eat each other; they are cannibalistic.

Are Silverfish In Tucson Poisonous?

Even though silverfish look pretty nasty, they are not a threat to people. They do not spread diseases, nor do they bite. They can contaminate food or food preparation surfaces; however, they are not poisonous. So, while their appearance can be daunting, than anything else.

Silverfish Prevention Tips For Your Tucson Home

While silverfish may not pose any significant threats to people, they are an annoying problem to eliminate. The key to silverfish treatment is habitat inspection. There are areas inside and out that need to be addressed.

  • Outside: Widespread infestations require homeowners to inspect areas around the perimeter of their homes. Any items stored up close or next to homes need removing. A silverfish can use items to climb up walls; they will use this to locate openings around utility pipes, door frames, walls, and vents. Homes with shake roofs are more prone to provide easy access to silverfish; they should be cleaned and sealed yearly.
  • Indoors: A silverfish can typically be found in moist and humid areas like attics, bathrooms, and basements. Sometimes they climb down canister-type light fixtures in the ceiling, ceiling soffits, and skylights.

Some include:

  • Using a dehumidifier in high humidity areas.
  • Repair leaky drains and pipes
  • Repair and replace any wet or moldy wood.
  • Do not store books and magazines in garages, attics, and basements where silverfish like to hang out.
  • Keep food items like sugar and flour in containers with tight-fitting lids.

If you believe you have an infestation, the best remedy is to call the licensed pest control professionals at Green Home Pest Control. Use our 30+ years of experience to your advantage and call us today for a free estimate.

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