If you don’t want to spend your nights scratching away at bug bites, you should take measures to . Although there’s no guarantee that you won’t ever encounter a bed bug, there are a few simple tips that may keep these pests away from you. Follow these five easy tips and save yourself from the .

1. Know What Causes Bed Bugs

First and foremost, you should understand that . They aren’t like some of the other Tucson pests that only care about scavenging for crumbs. No matter how clean your home may be, bed bugs could still find it attractive.

This is because bed bugs feed on human and animal blood. If a host is around, bed bugs can feed. They can even live for weeks without a meal, so a vacant home could have bed bugs.

2. Check Hotel Rooms

When you travel, check your hotel room for bed bugs. Most people bring bed bugs home from travel hubs, so following this tip can keep these pests away. Look underneath your mattress and headboard for signs of bugs. Additionally, check the walls and picture frames.

It’s important to know what bed bugs look like. Although they are small, bed bugs are visible. You might see small brown insects, bloodstains, or eggs. In any case, be on the lookout. If you think you see signs of bed bugs, call the hotel manager, get a refund, and stay somewhere else.

3. Keep Belongings Off The Floor

When you stay out of town, keep your belongings off the floor. Luggage racks provide you with a way to store your suitcase away from bed bugs. If you keep your luggage on the floor or against a wall, bed bugs may wander into your belongings.

Always use the luggage rack and make sure it doesn’t touch the wall. If you end up in a place with bed bugs, you’re less likely to bring them home.

4. Check Second Hand Furniture

Thrift shops have some amazing finds, but they also have bed bugs. If you don’t want to end up with an infestation home, check your used belongings for bed bugs. It’s essential to remember that . They could be in furniture, picture frames, and much more.

Before you buy anything used, check for live bed bugs, bed bug eggs, and shed skins. Don’t bring home anything if you think it might have bed bugs living inside it.

5. Wash Your Clothes On Hot

When you return from vacation or buy used clothes, wash them on a hot cycle. You could have bed bugs hiding out on your clothing, but the hot water should kill them.

Bed bugs can’t tolerate extreme temperatures. Therefore, one way to keep them out of your home is to wash all of your clothing after you travel. The hotter the setting, the more likely it is that these pests will not survive.

Call The Professionals

You could dedicate all of your time to keeping bed bugs away, but there’s no guarantee your efforts will work. Here at Green Home Pest Control, we’re ready to help you. At the first sign of bed bugs, call someone from our team.

We care about the Tucson community, and we don’t want to see you struggle. When you find bed bugs in your home, we’ll react quickly. In only a short time, we can . If you want to learn more, call us now.

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