Finding scorpions on your property can be troubling. These arachnids have stingers and pincers they use to fight off threats. Stings from most scorpions are harmless, potentially causing mild symptoms, but stings from bark scorpions can be life-threatening. professionals will help you determine if scorpions are on your property, what attracts them to your home, and how they got inside. Read on to learn more about and how to keep them out of your house.

How To Tell If You Have A Scorpion Problem

You can tell if are on your property by seeing them there. These pests are nocturnal, so they’re only active at night. During the day, they hide in dark, damp areas where they can remain undetected, like under rocks, in piles of wood, and inside holes. After entering your house, they might hide in bathrooms or under furniture.

Once inside your house, scorpions might hide inside shoes, clothes, or towels on the floor. As a result, you should be careful when picking up these items or putting them on if scorpions are common in your area. Call a dependable pest control company to handle the presence of scorpions on your property. They’ll determine the threat and ensure these arachnids aren’t a health hazard to your home.

What’s Attracting Scorpions To My Chandler Home?

Scorpions enter houses in search of shelter, water, and prey. They become active during spring when the temperature is warm enough after dark to hunt and remain hidden during fall when it gets cold at night. Outdoor lights are a common attractant for insects, which can also draw scorpions since they often enter homes looking for prey.

Some of the other factors that attract scorpions to houses include:

  • Moisture: They look for water in damp areas, including near plumbing, condensers, and air conditioning units.
  • Darkness: They hide in dark parts of your home, like crawl spaces and basements.
  • Rotting wood and leaves: They hide in rotting wood and leaves during the daytime.

The best way to is to eliminate factors that attract them. While you can’t avoid dark areas of your home, cleaning up spills and moving woodpiles, trash, debris, and lumber away from your house will help you steer clear of an infestation.

How Scorpions Get Inside

Houses are good places for scorpions to find food, water, and shelter. These arachnids often hide in woodpiles or leaves near a structure while they wait for an entrance to open or something to draw them inside.

Some of the common ways that scorpions get into houses include:

  • Openings around plumbing fixtures.
  • Loose-fitting doors and windows.
  • Cracks in the foundation or walls.

Once inside the house, these pests look for dark and dry places to hide during the day. They only come out at night to hunt for prey. When you notice scorpions on your property, a residential and commercial pest control company can safely and effectively handle the situation.

Why To Call The Professionals At The First Sign Of Scorpions

All types of scorpions in Chandler sting, but most are relatively harmless. However, bark scorpion stings can be life-threatening. At Green Home Pest Control, our technicians will inspect your entire property to determine which pests are present and how they got into your house. We’ll customize an eco-friendly treatment to resolve your specific problem and work around your schedule. Our bimonthly follow-up visits enable us to ensure our treatment is working and that pests don’t return. Call us today to get started on our effective .

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