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Effective Pest Control For Mesa, Arizona Properties

Mesa, AZ, is the third largest city in the state of Arizona. With over half a million people living here, human activity is pretty considerable day in and day out. Where there are humans, there's food, water, and shelter sources – and that means pests aren't far away. Local pest populations love it here. There are so many homes and businesses for them to choose from, it's hard to decide which one they're going to infest. Regardless, all Mesa properties are vulnerable to infestations, and it's important to secure ongoing services from pest professionals.

Here at Green Home Pest Control, we're proud to be Mesa's go-to source for comprehensive pest solutions. Since 2012, our family-owned and operated company has been servicing homes and businesses throughout the Phoenix metropolitan area. Our highly trained pest technicians have a lot of experience identifying, eliminating, and preventing pest activity. No matter your pest problem, we're here to help. Call us today.

Home Pest Control In Mesa, AZ

The most effective way to guard you Mesa home from a pest infestation is with professional residential pest control services. Luckily, you've come to the right place. Green Home Pest Control offers complete residential solutions currently used by over 10,000 homes in the areas.

Our residential pest control services protect homeowners from a long list of household pests, including termites, bed bugs, cockroaches, scorpions, ants, rodents, mosquitoes, spiders, stinging insects, and pigeons.

Starting with a thorough inspection, we identify all causes, entry points, and nesting areas. We then determine the best plan of action for your specific pest situation. Our treatments are always customized to meet your needs, and we always put your satisfaction first.

Our team uses natural products that are always safe for your property, your loved ones, your pets, and the environment. Reach out today to get your free estimate and inspection.

Commercial Pest Control In Mesa, AZ

Mesa is a great place to own a business, that is until pest activity becomes a factor. Regardless of the type of facility you run, there are pest attractants throughout your property. That means conditions are conducive to pest activity, and one pest can quickly turn into a full-on infestation. Pests cause large-scale consequences that can be detrimental to your operation, not to mention your employees, customers, and overall reputation. Green Home Pest Control provides year-round pest coverage that Mesa business owners can rely on.

We work with a variety of facilities, some of which include restaurants, multi-family housing, office buildings, retail spaces, warehouses and storage facilities, schools, daycares, and medical centers. Whatever your pest problem, we'll work with you to develop the right solution for your facility. Get in touch with us to hear more about our commercial pest control service options and what we can do for you. We're here to answer all your questions and give you tips for keeping your business totally pest-free.

Guide To Avoiding Rodent Infestations In Mesa, AZ

No matter what type of property we're dealing with, it's upsetting to discover rodent activity in your space. If you see one rodent, chances are there are many more hiding in the walls, and before you know it, you have a full-blown infestation on your hands.

If you want to be proactive in your efforts to avoid a rodent infestation, the following can help:

  • Blockage of entry points
  • Elimination of excess moisture
  • Functional pipes, faucets, and downspouts
  • High level of cleanliness
  • Keeping woodpiles away from the building
  • Proper food storage
  • Proper garbage disposal
  • Sealing of cracks and crevices
  • Well-trimmed trees, bushes, and shrubs

You can try all of the above, but sometimes rodents manage to get in anyway. They're pretty sneaky like that, and they can squeeze into the tiniest spaces. In order to protect yourself from the dangers of rodent activity, your best bet is professional help. Our rodent control services are here to offer you the year-round protection you deserve. Call us today.

How To Prevent Termite Damage In Mesa, AZ

Termites are highly destructive pests, and termite damage is a real nightmare for property owners. Unfortunately, your Mesa property is vulnerable to termite activity, and once it happens, it can quickly spin out of control. Not to worry, however, because there are some preventative measures you can take.

Eliminate excess moisture, install vents around the house, and use dehumidifiers in moisture-rich areas. Store your wood away from your structure's perimeter, remove all moisture-damaged or rotting wood, and inspect any other wood before bringing it onto your property. You should also block off entry points and seal cracks and crevices. It's helpful to use weatherstripping around all doors and windows.

If you are experiencing termite problems on your Mesa property, or you'd like to secure preventative protection, you've come to the right place. Green Home Pest Control provides complete termite control and prevention services that property owners can rely on throughout the year. Reach out to us today for your free inspection.