As the largest species of spider, tarantulas are an arachnid that incites fear. It’s bad enough to see one outside your home, but seeing one inside your home could be enough to make you want to burn your house down. But can you ? Find out what these spiders look like and what you should do about them.

Should You Worry About Tarantulas?

While some are aggressive, others prefer to keep to themselves. Fortunately, tarantulas aren’t very nasty. They prefer to keep to themselves and only bite when they feel threatened. A tarantula is more likely to warn you than it is to bite you.

Typically, most tarantula bites occur when people try catching or holding tarantulas. Their bite is painful and leaves behind noticeable marks, but the venom probably won’t send you to the hospital. Therefore, tarantulas aren’t as much of a threat as you think.

With that said, tarantulas can release tiny, spiny hairs. Some people notice eye or nose irritation after an interaction with this spider. But, once again, you won’t be in much danger.

Is It A Tarantula?

With about 30 species of tarantulas in Arizona, you might find it challenging to identify these arachnids. But all the local tarantulas share a few features that make them easy to identify – namely, they are large and have hair.

People sometimes confuse wolf spiders for tarantulas. However, , and they are not as hairy as tarantulas. You don’t necessarily need to be able to identify the type of tarantula in your home, but you might find comfort in knowing what kind of spiders you have crawling around.

If you want to know your local spiders, you should learn a bit about spider behavior. Tarantulas don’t build webs. When females build nests, they remain in them and don’t leave. The males are the ones you may encounter inside your home, but they won’t be eager to stay. Generally, tarantulas prefer to be outside unless food is abundant indoors.

When Do Tarantulas Get Inside?

Although tarantulas prefer the outdoors, they will come inside if there are enough reasons to. Sometimes, males wander inside while they look for females to mate with. More commonly, they enter homes that have pest problems. If cockroaches and other tasty pests are indoors, tarantulas will use your home as a hunting ground.

Tarantulas are more likely to come into your home if you give them easy access. Torn screens, gutters, and crawl spaces usually act as tarantula entrances. To make your home less accessible, you should take measures to seal up its openings.

All of the following tips can :

  • Clean On A Schedule: If you clean your home regularly, you keep other pests away. Insects won’t come inside, and neither will tarantulas. As you clean, you also may uncover tarantula hiding spots.
  • Remove Clutter: Keeping clutter to a minimum will reduce your chance of having insect pests as well as tarantulas. Every few months, make sure your attic and basement don’t have too much clutter.
  • Check Gutter And Window Wells: Regularly check your gutters and window wells. This will disturb the areas tarantulas tend to inhabit and make them less likely to be near your home.

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