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Effective Pest Control For Anthem, AZ Properties

The community of Anthem, AZ, is filled with beautiful houses and scenic mountain views. It's a great place to live, work, and play, and local pest populations couldn't agree more. These intruders seek entry into our homes and businesses, looking for sources of food, water, and shelter. That means your property is vulnerable to a possible pest infestation, and that's a disaster that no one wants to face. The best protection you can get is from pest professionals.

Here at Green Home Pest Control, we offer year-round pest protection that home and business owners in Arizona can rely on. Our family-owned and operated company has been servicing all kinds of properties since 2012, using eco-friendly treatments that are safe for children, pets, and the environment. All of the products we use are organically and botanically derived, and we guarantee lasting results you can depend on. Get in touch with us for your free estimate and inspection.  

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Services Offered In Anthem

Ant Control

Bee Control

Bed Bug Control

Cockroach Control

General Pest Control

Mosquito Control

Pigeon Control

Rodent Control

Scorpion Control

Spider Control

Termite Control

Home Pest Control In Anthem, AZ

Your Anthem home is your haven, not a pest free-for-all. These intruders get into our homes, and once they do, they can be hard to get rid of. That's why we recommend ongoing services from the experts.

Green Home Pest Control provides complete residential pest control services that protect local homeowners from a long list of common Arizona pests, including termites, bed bugs, cockroaches, scorpions, ants, rodents, mosquitoes, spiders, stinging insects, and pigeons.
From the detailed inspection to the initial service visit, right through each follow-up visit, our dedicated technicians are ready to help. We work hard to maintain our long-time promise to provide you with pest control services that are effective and show our commitment and integrity to our customers, employees, environment, and community. We service over 10,000 residential properties, and we're ready to serve you. Contact us today.

Commercial Pest Control In Anthem, AZ

In order to effectively protect your Anthem business from pest infestations, it's best to rely on the pest professionals. Our commercial pest control solutions give local business owners comprehensive coverage from local area pests. Our five-step process provides effective, lasting results that our clients can depend on.

  • Our expert pest technicians check for any pest activity, identifying all entry points and conducive conditions.
  • Once we finish the inspection, we thoroughly record our results and determine the proper course of action for our client.
  • We discuss the inspection details and make sure the client understands the problem and the nature of the treatment we propose.
  • Upon the client's approval, our specialized pest technicians thoroughly treat your property, eliminate all pest activity, and put in place necessary preventative measures.
  • After we complete our treatment, we document the entire process, providing detailed reporting to the client for their records.
  • We also offer follow-up treatments to keep the premises pest-free moving forward.

If you're looking for year-round pest protection you can count on, you've found it. Green Home Pest Control works with over 1,000 local businesses, guarding them against infestations, and maintaining pest-free conditions moving forwards. Reach out to us for your free estimate and inspection.

Helpful Tips For Avoiding Scorpions In Anthem, AZ

Scorpions are intimidating pests that are popular in arid areas of the southwest, hence their widespread presence in Arizona. Obviously, you don't want them on your property, which is why it's important to take precautionary measures. Here are some ways to avoid scorpions in Anthem:

  • Avoid walking barefoot around your home, pool, or garage.

  • Eliminate harborage sites around the property, such as woodpiles, trash, and debris.

  • Remove stones and timbers from the property.

  • Repair damaged window and door screens.

  • Shake out bed sheets, clothing, shoes.

  • Store firewood off the ground, away from the perimeter of the structure.

  • Use caulk to seal cracks and holes on the outside and properly block off garage and entry doors.

While these preventative tips are certainly helpful, your safest bet is still to rely on the pest professionals. We offer trusted scorpion control and prevention services that local home and business owners can feel good about. We'll give you the safety and peace of mind you deserve, so contact us to get started.

Are Bed Bugs Preventable In Anthem, AZ?

A bed bug infestation is a real headache, and it can go unnoticed for long periods. These nocturnal parasites are skilled at hiding away all day, ready to latch onto us and start feeding once we are asleep. The smartest approach to bed bug control is prevention. Consider the following precautionary measures in your bed bug control efforts.

Wash and dry all linens and bedding on high heat, and steam clean all curtains, upholstery, and other fabrics. Eliminate clutter around the house, and vacuum regularly. Inspect items for bed bugs before allowing them into your home, and take precautions when buying secondhand clothing or furniture. Also, be sure to utilize protective encasements on all box springs and mattresses.

The most effective way to eliminate bed bug activity from your home or business is to call in the pest professionals. Here at Green Home Pest Control, we conduct a comprehensive inspection in order to identify all bed bug activity. We then come up with the right strategy to treat your property in the most efficient way possible. Call us today to learn more.

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