All of the ants in Phoenix can be a nuisance, but only one of the local ants is downright dangerous. Fire ants are non-native ants that pose a threat to both you and the local ecosystem. Find out more about to people and the environment.

What Are Fire Ants?

As with all non-native species, fire ants made their way here and slowly started taking over. They displace the native ant colonies and cause an imbalance in the ecosystem.

From a distance, fire ants look like many of the other . These pests are small and reddish in color, although some appear to be more black than red. Unlike most other local ants, these Invaders have a stinger that injects an unsuspecting victim with venom. They use their mandibles to bite on prey or a person, and then sting to deliver a potent venom.

Typically, you’ll only realize you’re dealing with a fire ant after it stings you. But you might also identify this ant by its behavior. When fire ants invade, they create colonies that spread out for miles. There are multiple queens, which makes fire ant elimination nearly impossible.

The True Dangers Of Fire Ants

You shouldn’t let the small size of a fire ant fool you. Although these ants don’t have an intimidating size or appearance, they have a painful sting. When a fire ant bites you, there’s an immediate reaction. You’ll probably experience pain that subsides after minutes or hours, and then you’ll experience itching.

While one fire ant sting might not seem like much trouble, you probably will have more than one sting at a time. Fire ants sting multiple times, and several ants may join in. If you step on a mound or threaten a colony, hundreds of ants could attack.

Some individuals have a reaction to fire ant venom. Much like a bee allergy, a fire ant allergy comes with serious health consequences. Depending on how you react to fire ant bites, you could need immediate medical attention. For a small percentage of the population, a fire ant bite could be fatal.

Taking Over Your Yard

Another danger of fire ants is the fact that they build everywhere. Once fire ants are in your yard, you will continue to find nests. As hard as you try to avoid disturbing the nests, you won’t be able to. Young children and pets are almost guaranteed to have an encounter with these stinging insects. Do-it-yourself (DIY) methods of fire ant removal don’t do much, so you need to work with a professional. If you want to prevent the need for ant removal, you can take several measures to . This includes:

  • Removing Debris Piles: If you make piles of debris in your yard, clean them up as soon as possible.
  • Rake Leaves: Even if you can’t rake your entire yard, make an effort to rake up around the perimeter of your home. Otherwise, the leaves and other debris could attract fire ants.
  • Seal Garbage Cans: Like other species of ants, fire ants seek the food you leave in your garbage. To make your garbage less appealing to these creatures, store it in cans with tight lids.

Work With A Professional

Whether you want to prevent fire ants or you’re hoping to eliminate them, you need professional guidance. Here at Green Home Pest Control, we know how dangerous fire ants can be, and we want to protect you. Our team uses safe and effective methods to and to make sure they don’t return. If you’re interested in getting started with , call us now.

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